Looking for the phone number for Uber in Ottawa?

Ottawa has a fantastic Uber service. It's usually WAY cheaper than calling a taxi. However, you can only use it by installing the Uber app on your phone.

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FAQ about Uber in Ottawa

Is Uber Legal in Ottawa?

Yes, Uber is legal in Ottawa. On September 30, 2016, Uber became legal in Ottawa. Uber pays the city of Ottawa an annual fee of $7,253 in order to operate in the city. Also, Ottawa gets 11 cents commission per ride.


How do Uber drivers in Ottawa get paid?

When you sign up for Uber, you will need to connect either your credit card or a Paypal account to the app. Then, each time you take a ride, you are charged automatically. There's no need to carry cash with you. Also, you'll be emailed a receipt.

Should you tip an Uber driver in Ottawa?

It is not required to tip an Uber driver in Ottawa. In fact, most times when we have tried to tip, the driver has refused. In the past, you used to be able to add a tip from within the app, but this option is now gone. According to Uber, if you want to tip your driver you are welcome to. However, one of the selling points of Uber is that it should be a cashless experience.

How much do Uber drivers make in Ottawa?

It is estimated that the average Ottawa Uber driver, working 30 hours per week makes about $49,000 per year. This can really vary depending on what time of day the drivers work. At one time, Uber had estimated that Ottawa drivers could make $44 per hour, but this information is no longer on the web. One Ottawa Uber driver recently said that they made $17-$20 per hour after gas costs are deducted.

Can you order an Uber by phone in Ottawa

No, you cannot phone Uber to call a cab. You need to install the Uber app on your phone and order an Uber through the app.


Does Uber service the Ottawa airport?

Yes, you can get an Uber either to or from the Ottawa airport. To get picked up at the Ottawa airport, the driver will pick you up at Pillar 12 or 13 on the Arrivals level. Trips that start at the airport have a $4.00 surcharge. Trips that end at the airport have a $3.25 surcharge.

What is surge pricing?

Occasionally, if there is high demand for Uber services, surge pricing will go into effect. This means that rides will be more expensive. The surge can sometimes be as little as 1.2x the normal rate or as high as 8x the normal rate on nights like New Year's Eve. Often though, even with surge pricing, the fare is cheaper than getting a taxi.

Do you need insurance to be an Uber driver in Ottawa?

Uber drivers do need to be insured in Ottawa. However, Uber pays for this insurance.

Tips for ordering an Uber in Ottawa

If the fare seems high, close the app, open it, and try again.
We have had times where a ride home from downtown at peak surge pricing was $92. Then, when we closed the app and tried again it was $48!